Thermal Energy Storage System Heat Transfer Package

The University includes schools of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, allied health, religion, public health, science and technology, and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Loma Linda University is affiliated with Loma Linda University Medical Center, a Level I trauma center for San Bernardino County and the rest of the Inland Empire. Loma Linda University Medical Center made international news on October 26, 1984, when Dr. Leonard L. Bailey transplanted a baboon heart into Baby Fae, an infant born with a severe heart defect known as left hypoplastic heart. The Medical Center includes the James M. Slater Proton Treatment and Research Center, the nation’s first hospital-based proton treatment center, offering proton therapy treatments for prostate, lung, brain and other types of cancers, as well as the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital and the Loma Linda Heart & Surgical Hospital.    

The heat transfer package is a 2,008 ton 12,000 GPM pre-packaged skid that serves as a pressure interceptor between a six million gallon thermal energy storage tank and the rest of the campus that sits at a higher elevation. It not only saves the university energy by shifting chilled water generation to off-peak hours, but also added crucial cooling capacity needed to keep up with Loma Linda’s increasing chilled water needs. The package was constructed into four pre-assembled skids at Xylem Inc.’s packaging division in Dallas, Texas and then shipped to Loma Linda, California for final assembly. Being the largest package ever built by the Dallas facility to date, each skid’s operating weight ranges from 100,000 to 164,000 pounds, and when fully assembled, the package has the dimensions of 141L x 15W x 12.5H feet.

The package consist of three 4000 GPM plate & frame heat exchangers with 12" connections designed for a 12F dT and a 1.5F approach, three 4000 GPM 100HP primary TES pumps, four 3000 GPM 250HP secondary campus pumps, and complete integration with Loma Linda’s Invensys Foxboro control system to transition between charging and discharging modes.

Equipment provided by Dawson Company includes:

  • (3) 4000 GPM Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers with 12" connections designed for a 12F dT and a 1.5F approach
  • (3) 4000 GPM 100HP Primary TES Pumps
  • (4) 3000 GPM 250HP Secondary Campus Pumps