“As a design-build contractor, we highly value Dawson Company’s broad range of products, the knowledge and customer service of their salesforce, and the engineering team that backs up the salesforce.”

Andy Johnson, Director-Design Build, Murray Co.

“Dawson Company’s primary value proposition is their ability to help us design hydronic systems such as boilers, pumps, steam systems, etc. They are the experts. We need to know everything that goes into a building’s mechanical, plumbing, and electrical system design. We rely on them to help us engineer these specialized systems, and that's where Dawson Company’s expertise and responsiveness comes in.”

Ivan Thomas, Principal, P2S Engineering

“I’ve been in the industry myself for 32 years, and I’ve worked with them since the day I got into the business. They have great inside sales and engineering support on their side for all of our needs as a mechanical contractor.”

Bob Donat, VP, Key Air Conditioning

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